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reviews on remote work parcel delivery

We used P4d for delivery of some of our pallets for my business. First of all we paid for express service and they did not get picked up. We had to keep hounding them to get picked up the next day.

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A few weeks into the project, she made her feelings clear. Over the course of the three uss express work from home months I had these boxes on my front porch, my wife and I received dozens of packages.

reviews on remote work parcel delivery

I was told by Andrew that it would be next day and he gave me a price. When it came closer to booking it I found out that the price didn’t include the pallet I would have to find that, which I did.

As boxes go, all the ones I selected were designed well. They are made of sturdy plastic and feature doors that can accommodate small to midsized packages. We have to agree that an async environment is really empowering for ownership and productivity, it means you can plan your schedule around your life ! We are glad you feel the future is bright for Remote. We hear you on making information easier to find quickly, and the commercial opportunities ahead of us.

Work from home packing and shipping job in Uss Express review

The system is designed so that no one in the end of responsible. Be able to provide a proper flat or house to store packages in proper conditions. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

  • I have also paid £70 for this non-existant service.
  • Want to work for a reputable company that also offers remote options?
  • My parcel suppose to reach bangalore from Agra .
  • This rating has decreased by -13% over the last 12 months.
  • Remote is a pretty good vendor with good communication and problem-solving managers.
  • Async environment gives you autonomy to create your own time to get work done.

Candidate sought for a part-time, evening shift data entry position responsible for accurately entering data, performing various warehouse tasks. Must have 30+ wpm typing skills, ability to do physical labor required. Full-time position with remote option. Will drive business plans, identify gaps, resolve issues, review sales performance and improve results. Bachelor’s degree and 3+ years’ related FTZ experience required. I ordered something online , got the message from delhivery regarding the shipment. Despite repeatedly asking the delhivery executive not to deliver it as i wasn’t home to receive the parcel , he was hell bent on giving the parcel that day only.

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Utter waste of time and no interest in solving my problem. Work in warehouse and data entry positions. Involves lifting and sliding packages.

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Seeking both data entry and warehouse candidates to work a part-time role. Must have typing skills of at least 30 WPM and be able to perform physical activities such as lifting, lowering, and sliding packages up to 70 lbs.

He apparently handed it over to somebody and told me he gave it to the guard. Delivered my courier at the wrong address inspite of repeatedly telling him the correct address he didn’t bother to ask once. Such careless service of this delhivery service. I wont ever recommend it to anybody. I haven’t got my parcel yet and its missing at the wrong address as well. I highly doubt he has delivered the parcel. And now he is making execuses and not picking up the phone.

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And then after 30min he says he has gone to another place for delivery. When asked for his live location, he sent his location which is 5min away from my place, but lied to me he is making another delivery. Have all his call recording and location on my mobile. But now its 8.10pm and we are waiting for the delivery.